Motorbike Fork Oil SAE 5W light

Articlenumber: P000486

Universal use in telescopic forks and shock absorbers on motorbikes and other powersport vehicles where an oil with current product specifications is required or recommended. Observe the manufacturers instructions!

US$18.99 =US$37.98 / 1 l
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Full synthetic, low-viscosity fork or shock-absorber oil. Unique formulation prevents premature shear loss and provides full performance even after extended usage. Prevents foaming and maintains seals to prevent leaks. Long service life in combination with good corrosion and wear protection.

product variants
Product Name SKU Bundle Languages
Motorbike Fork Oil SAE 5W light 20094 1 l Can plastic USA (-EN-)
Motorbike Fork Oil SAE 5W light 22108 1 l Can plastic CANADA (-EN-F-)
Motorbike Fork Oil SAE 5W light 20402 20 l Canister plastic USA AND CANADA (-EN-F-)

Additional Information


Observe the manufacturers instructions! Optimum effectiveness only when the product is used undiluted.

Package Unit 6
Pallet Unit 840
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