Truck Series DPF Protector

Articlenumber: 20258
Suitable for diesel vehicles with diesel particulate filter as long as these are not already fitted with an electronically controlled additive tank system for filter regeneration.
US$12.99 =US$25.98 / 1 l


Helps prevent Diesel Particulate Filter from clogging. • Protects the diesel particulate filter. • Regeneration aid for DPF systems. • Guarantees the best possible combustion. • Reduces soot formation. • Especially suitable for short-distance and city vehicles.

Additional Information

Pallet Unit 936
Application Add to the fuel every 1200 miles (2000 km) just before filling up. The can is sufficient for 25-30 gal. (90-120 liters) of diesel fuel.
Content 500 ml
Package Unit 6
Technical Properties
  • für Kurzstrecken- und Stadtfahrzeuge besonders geeignet
  • gewährleistet eine optimale Verbrennung
  • reduziert den Rußausstoß
  • Regenerationshilfe für Diesel-Partikelfilter
  • schützt den Diesel-Partikelfilter
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Product Image
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