Brake Anti-Squeal Paste

Articlenumber: P000411
For the entire brake system at disk brake pads, studs, pins as well as contact points for drum brakes. Separating paste for centering rings on aluminum rims, connection points between rims and wheel hubs and other plugged and screwed connections.

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Extremely adhesive and high temperature resistant specialty for lubricating and separating modern brake systems of all types of motor vehicles. It is made of synthetic materials, resists road salt and splash water and prevents and eliminates squeaking noises from brakes. With excellent corrosion protection and particularly suited for the use with aluminum and magnesium materials as well as on vehicles with ABS / ESP systems. Application range – 40 °C to + 1200 °C.

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Brake Anti-Squeal Paste 20240 200 ml Can aerosol USA (-EN-)

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Clean the surfaces thoroughly before use and then apply to the back of the brake pad and to the contact surfaces and fasteners. Do not apply on friction surfaces!

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  • Brake Anti-Squeal Paste
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