Active-2C A/C System Cleaner

Articlenumber: P003498
Suitable for cleaning of air conditioning systems in cars, commercial vehicles, buses and in homes. Removes the film of dirt on the surface of the evaporator and eliminates any unpleasant odors. For professional repair shop use only.
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Cleaning fluid consisting of 2 components that are mixed together for activation immediately before use. The mixture is used to clean and eliminate unpleasant odors from air conditioning systems installed in cars, commercial vehicles, buses or in the home without the need for dismantling. Leaves behind a pleasant fresh fragrance after cleaning. To apply the cleaner we recommend the Liqui Moly Cleaning Spray Gun (Part-No. 4090). 
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Active-2C A/C System Cleaner 20001 1 Stk Canister plastic USA (-EN-)

Additional Information

Application The cleaning fluid (1 liter) must be mixed with the relevant activation concentrate (2x fragrance in the sealed edge bag) before the A/C system cleaner is used. To do so, pour the activation concentrate into the A/C system cleaning gun and fill with 1 liter of A/C system cleaner. The A/C system cleaner is now ready for use. 1 liter is sufficient for cleaning one car air conditioning system. If the manufacturer of the air conditioning system offers a cleaning service recommendation, this recommendation must be observed. If no model-specific instructions are available from the passenger car manufacturer, follow the LIQUI MOLY recommendation for application. Spray the cleaning fluid directly on the surface of the evaporator. Also suitable for commercial vehicles, busses and home A/C systems.
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