Pro-Line Diesel Particulate Filter Purge

Articlenumber: P000075

For cleaning of diesel particle filter (GPF/DPF) as installed on vehicle.

For professional repair shop use only.

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A highly effective fluid for cleaning soot clogged DPF units without removal. Dissolves contaminants inside DPF´s, restores vehicle performance and fuel consumption. Regular servicing of DPF units can help avoid expensive repair costs. Use only together with Pro-Line Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner (part no. 20110), to apply use only DPF Pressurized Tank Spray Gun (part no.7946), DPF-Probe with 5 interchangeable tips (part no. 7945) and if needed DPF Spray Probe long (part no. 20630).

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Pro-Line Diesel Particulate Filter Purge 20112 500 ml Can plastic USA AND CANADA (-EN-F-)

Additional Information

Application Cleaning is made with the compressed air gun for DPF (part no. 7946) and the specially developed DPF-Probe with 5 interchangeable tips (part no. 7945). The diesel particle filter must be accessed depending on the vehicle type. In order to do this, the temperature or pressure sensor on the diesel particle filter must be removed on most vehicles. Observe: When cleaning, the particle filter's temperature should be below 104 °F. On some vehicles the diesel particle filter is located near to the exhaust manifold or, optionally, the turbocharger, and not on the vehicle underbody. For safety reasons, utmost care must be taken when cleaning such vehicles – cleaning or flushing liquid may otherwise enter the combustion chamber through an open exhaust valve. The appropriate Pro-Line spray probe for the vehicle type is then fed into the particle filter through the opening. The full container of Pro-Line cleaner for diesel particle filters (1 Liter) is sprayed directly onto the surface of the particle filter in intervals of 5 to 10 seconds (each with a break of 5 to 10 seconds in between) at an operating pressure of 87 to 116 psi. The probe must be rotated and moved back and forth during cleaning in order to cover as much of the filter surface with Pro-Line cleaner. The particle filter is then flushed with the full container of Pro-Line flushing liquid for diesel particle filters (500 mL). The compressed air gun for DPF (part no. 7946) is also used here at the same intervals as during the cleaning process. The particulate deposits are dissolved during the cleaning process and distributed around the diesel particle filter, where they can then be burned off as part of normal regeneration. After reinstalling the sensor, the service centre or workshop must trigger regeneration according to the manufacturers' instruction.

Caution: The protective measures for safe handling can be found in the safety data sheet.

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